Mai Tai Chicago Sashimi

Dining at Mai Tai Chicago means removing yourself from the frenzy of downtown life and plunging into a chic Asian lifestyle. As soon as you’ve entered this remarkable place, you’ll be enthralled by the charm of its modern, exotic atmosphere. Done up in vivid blues and yellow, the menu ranged from Sushi and Sashimi to traditional and innovative Chinese and Thai dishes.

The bar welcomes guests that will sip on mesmerizing drinks while the music infuse each night with energy and sensuality. Enjoy a selection of signature cocktails, wines and spirits with a variety of snacks and delicatessen in a contemporary lounge setting.

Pad Thai - the Star from Thailand:

Mai Tai is a restaurant devoted to Thailand’s most famous noodle dish : Pad Thai. While it’s true that most travellers visiting Bangkok will enjoy a pad Thai – usually cooked in front of you in a wok as old as the person cooking it, Thai Chef Jirawat “Choong”, who takes precedence over kitchen proceedings, reinvents the national noodle by using 18 homemade ingredients following a secret recipe from the eastern part of Thailand.  All pad Thai are served chili-free for the sake of anyone who can’t take the heat of authentic Thai fare, although locals are welcome to ask the waiter to pile on the spicy prik.

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